1. Hi, I’ve been advised to buy a US brand of COQ10 called ‘Ovoenergen’ (produced by Fertinatal) as its been made to support female fertility, specifically healthy egg development. The recommended dose is 3 x 333mg. However, this brand is very expensive so I’ve been looking at local alternatives. I’m wondering if taking a comparative dose of your product (6 x 150mg daily) is safe and if it could be effective for me in terms of fertility rather than aerobic energy?

    Thanks kindly


    • Hi Julia,
      we feel our CoQ10 is of the highest standards as it’s naturally fermented and only magnesium is added to aid in the transportation to the cells. Unlike other brands it’s free of oils, preservatives and fillers which oxidise the CoQ10 and eliminates it through the kidneys. Julia, I looked up Ovoenergen and see it contains glycerin, soy, lecithin, titanium oxide and beeswax!!! I’m sure ours is of a higher quality and suggest you could take much less of our Q10 to achieve the same results. If you took 600mg of ours I feel it would still be more effective than the recommended dose of 999mg of Ovoenergen.

      Julia I’m not a doctor or health care professional in any way, please let me make that clear.

      If you wish to try it the choice is yours, it’s certainly safe to use in large doses.

      Julia, I’m sure our Q10 will be effective for you in terms of fertility rather than just aerobic energy. Studies are emerging on how CoQ10 enhances fertility by improving egg quality and protecting from oxidative stress.

      Here’s a link to a video that I put onto our Facebook Page , regarding increasing fertility CoQ10 and Female Egg Quality,

      Increasing Fertility : CoQ10 and Female Egg Quality

      I hope this may help you and Good Luck with your fertility quest.


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